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Our mission, vision and values

As a family-owned business we take our company's mission, vision and values very seriously. After all, we want to make sure Andis Company is here for future generations—it's our legacy. And we know the same is true for our customers. They are creating their own legacies, building their own businesses, and our tools play a big part in their success.


Creating your legacy with exceptional products
That's why our vision is to be behind every chair, in every salon, at every grooming table, in every barn, on every shelf, in every home, at every vet! We know that using the right tool makes a difference and we believe we have the best people crafting the best tools in the industry.
We believe that our associates are part of the Andis family, helping us to create quality products and serve our customers like no other company. And it's our core values of excellence, respect and integrity that guide and drive us every day.

Core Values

Never settling for good enough
Being honest, responsible
and accountable
Valuing what's important
to others

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Camon-schmieroel-fuer-schermschinen-CO-G023-B Schmierölspray für Schermaschinen
spezielles Schmieröl ✓für Schermaschinen ✓pflegt und schützt die Klingen ✓bessere Gleitfähigkeit ✓höhere Lebensdauer ✓Inhalt: 118 ml
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Andis-schermaschine-ultraedge-agc-super-2-speed-pink-23-10200 Andis Schermaschine AGC Super 2 Speed
professionelle Schermaschine ✓für den Groomingbereich ✓ kühl und leise ✓geräuscharm ✓2 Geschwindigkeitsstufen ✓für kleine & große Hunde ✓Scherkopf Schnellwechselsystem
EUR 179,00 *
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